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He did however say that he will add my suggestion to "speed up the stream rate" to the circular file, where all the suggestions go. Once you are barred are you really going to follow-up with your complaint? Didn't think so. This is a great business model. Tried speeding up the lectures on a PC, this no longer works. At this point I thought to myself: You know, it really odd how shitty business or political practices passively coerce people into breaking the law.

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This is a perfect example, I am not asking for something extraneous, it should be a simple fix. Even worse, if there was a torrent with all the lectures, it would be tempting to download it. What if they were the last 2 days of my life? However, recording the lecture, even for personal use is most likely against Barbri's terms and conditions I am just guessing , moreover it's probably not legal. So that scares me from doing it, so I won't. I will just have to wait for a better solution. However, if you call and ask Barbri and they give you permission which I would get in writing. Here is how I would do it.

Paid for programs, Wiretap, Hijack I already paid 4k to Barbri, let's do this for free.

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Missed a part? Every night record the lecture, listen to it the next day and delete it.

Cheers www. Posted by Unknown at AM. Labels: 1. The goals should be deterence, punishment, and rehabilitation. That's why I think the appropriate punishment is to fail the course and have a letter sent to the bar association in the state where the student applies for admission to practice. This is a serious penalty, but it should not destroy the person's legal career. Of course, that's assuming the state bar association does not decide to refuse admission to anyone with such a letter.

But again, there's no reason for them to be so draconian. Instead, state bars should take such letters as a warning that they need to look over this application more carefully and look at all other factors of the applicant. If cheating is a real problem or is perceived as a problem, how should law students and law schools address that problem?

Are there ways to change the culture? I don't really think it's that big a problem. But regardless of the size of the problem, law schools should teach ethical behavior and put the responsibility on students to meet high expectations.

We can start changing that by setting higher expectations and showing law students how a self-regulating profession is supposed to work. If that's true, then penalties for cheating need to be greater -- for both law students and practitioners who act unethically. However, this only makes it more important for law schools to teach students that as professionals they are expected to adhere to very high expectations.

Exam policies that rely more on the honor system and less on surveillance and suspicion are one great way to start teaching those lessons. Mother In Law writes :. Spat's classmates. And isn't there at least one more brilliant law school musical creation I'm missing? Congratulations to Monica who has finished her last class of law school! Her last class came a bit early compared to the rest of us graduating this spring because dhe attends Northeastern , which is on a quarter system and also requires that students spend every other quarter I think working.

Sounds pretty good, no? And so the end begins—the end of law school for the Blawgging Class of According to the calendar, I still have 13 weeks, but three of those I'll be spending on vacation in Wyoming, so it's really 10 my one and only final is May 4th. Kind of hard to believe it's so close to over—especially when I have so much to do right now.

So I wonder: What is going to happen to this Blawgging Class of ? Will the blawgs live one? Will they be abandoned? Will the blawggers keep in touch? That said, lots of lawyers have great blogs, so it's obviously possible. Here's another question: Can anyone think of a good example of a law student blog that has successfully transitioned to a lawyer blog?

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A couple of examples: L-cubed and Sua Sponte apparently hung up the keyboards although I sort of suspect they're still posting somewhere and I'm just not privy to the info , and the blogger behind A Mad Tea-Party started blogging at bk! Andrew Raff , Screaming Bean and E. McPan have all continued blogging, but will that change when they all get the legal job of their dreams?

Do law students quit blogging after graduating because they are afraid to continue? Do they quit because they no longer find it enjoyable? Do they quit because they no longer have the time? Or is there something else going on?

Enrolled in law school or a bar prep course?

That's not to say the imbroglio won't suffer the same fate. We can never tell what the future holds, can we? It's a right-wing screed against law school legal clinics!

Stay calm! We got this.

A Reblaw poster signed by all the keynote speakers. That's why I never "got" poetry. It's done. Then, in a typically melodramatic turn, Turow aims all his "hot purpose" at agonizing over whether to join his fellow students in trying to censure one of their professors for being an ass in class. Om … Om … Om … Plan the day.

Instead, it advocates these clinics teach law students to help capitalists and crime victims—those for whom the existing legal and criminal justice system already work. It all makes eminent sense, don't you think? Thanks to JD2B for bringing this screed to my attention. Congratulations to Law-Rah for successfully collecting and delivering a truckload of toys to needy kids whose Christmas was dramatically changed by hurricane Katrina. The project was a big one and she and her team had to overcome many obstacles along the way , but they did it and it looks like it was a huge success!

The Accuracy Blog appears to be a new blog about law school, politics, and current events by law student Chris Laurel. Harvard also has an Office of Public Interest Advising that employs 9 attorneys full-time, I assume helping students find public interest jobs. GW has no office of public interest advising or anything that would even approximate such a thing, and, as far as I know, it has one attorney and one career office assistant who each spend half their time helping students find public interest jobs.

Obviously it pays to go to the top school, but I never realized just how much. It's not like I'm surprised to learn of Harvard's huge advantage here, anyway, it's just the size of the difference that shocks me. I noted the other day that GW's SBA seems to be getting its online house in order, but I would be remiss if I did not also note the veritable explosion of GW professors entering or already in the blawgosphere.

Yeah, University of Chicago maybe, since it just started its Faculty Blog , but that's kind of cheating, isn't it? And speaking of blogging professors, why are so many of them male? Or to put it another way, why are so few female? Ok, I am so wrong about GW's 4 blogging profs being even a little impressive. And, of course, Christine Hurt is another female professor blogging at The Conglomerate, so maybe there's more balance out there than I realize. Her institution, Marquette U. Law School, also has at least six faculty blogs, so again, GW's four is looking more anemic all the time.

Still, even if GW is not on the top of schools in terms of numbers of blogging profs, these four are four more than existed or at least four more than I knew about when I started school two years ago, so I consider this great progress. Blog on, GW profs, blog on! Remember that Hearsay Exceptions movie that Energy Spatula gifted us with a few months ago?

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Well, if you enjoyed that, then check out the new Evidence Song , also courtesy of Energy Spatula. Yes, she had a really talented evidence class! So again I'm thinking that this should be a whole series. There must be lots of musical talent running around law schools these days—why not set more legal lessons to music? I'll set up lawschoolrocks. Maybe we could get Andrew Raff to rock something up for us. His band certainly rocks I especially recommend Teenage Symphony —I love that song , so why not?

No one who is taking the bar this week is going to be reading blogs, and this may come late some bar exams , like Virginia's , were yesterday, I think, and Pennsylvania's is already on its second day , but who cares? As Kristine says , good luck to you all anyway!

A month ago I was all about consolidating loans. Divine Angst offered lots of helpful information about the process, but did I do anything about it? Of course not!

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Not until yesterday when I hurriedly filled out an online form at Access Group. The form said that it was sufficient to lock in the lower rates—filling it out was all I needed to do at this point and Access will process everything in the next few weeks.

I'm skeptical, to say the least, but I guess that's what I get for waiting until the last minute.