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Visit our help center. Word Processing. Preview This Course. You can create multiple documents at once that are largely identical, and save personalized sections. In this course, discover how to use this popular feature to quickly build customized documents. Gini von Courter takes a deep dive into mail merge, showing how to efficiently create personalized letters, envelopes, labels, and even email messages. She explains how to connect to data sources in Excel, create new data sources, and add attachments to merged email messages.

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Plus, she covers how to troubleshoot mail merge issues, use rules like If…Then…Else for advanced mail merges, and more. Topics include: Selecting recipients from Outlook and Apple contacts Selecting recipients from FileMaker Pro data Mail merging data from an Excel spreadsheet Filtering recipients Inserting merge fields Sending merged email Troubleshooting mail merged letters Creating personalized email messages Creating envelopes, labels, and directories Using rules for customized merges.

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Preview course. Word Templates in Depth with Gini von Courter. Search This Course Clear Search.

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Welcome 59s. What you need for this course 1m 37s. Use the exercise files 1m 35s. Create Personalized Letters.

How to create a merge field on Mac

Create a simple letter for mail merge 4m 27s. Select recipients 2m 43s. Select recipients from Outlook contacts 2m 21s. Select recipients from Apple Contacts 43s. Select recipients from FileMaker Pro data 2m 15s. Create a new data source for mail merge 3m 12s. Select recipients from an Excel data source 3m 9s. Filter recipients 2m 18s. Insert merge fields 2m 35s. Complete the merge 6m 3s. Troubleshoot mail merged letters 5m 17s. Use Email Merge.

Mail Merges on Mac

What email merge can do for you 2m 52s. Check Apple mail settings for email merge 53s. Create personalized email messages 4m 50s. Attaching a Word document to an email message 5m 7s. Create Envelopes, Labels, and Directories.

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All times are GMT Add whatever account you plan on emailing from. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Covered by US Patent. Switch to Threaded Mode. You can do this by looking under the Printer Information option.

Merge envelopes 6m 23s. Merge address and other labels 5m 9s. In fact this is my first attempt at using a macro let alone modifying the code. Armed only with 24 year old knowledge of Basic yes the original, not Visual Basic and Fortran no not the punch card Fortan but really close I took Mr.

I clearly got very lucky but it works in MS Word Hope it works for everyone else as well. I hope Mr. Raduner will work his magic, clean this up and make it more user friendly for everyone else as he clearly knows way more than I do. Have word But inside each of them are all the pages and not just one form. So I have like 50 equal documents with different file names. Am I doing something wrong?

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Luka, Have you tried generating the Mail Merge without the Macro and verify the output? I looked for quite a while for something clear and simple. The DataSource.

Starting Your Mail Merge

FirstRecord and lastRecord pointers probably the wrong term are all that I put in there, and now the rec variable insures that I get the right record. Works great now. Anyway, maybe someone else can profit by this. In other words, I used the code you show at the top as-is, with only the addition of two lines. Execute End With.

Can you verify? Hey tried the code you posted on December 6 for single PDF files. I cannot run it as it gives me an error in this part. Close False. Thanks, this post was very helpful. First replace both appearances of. DataFields docNameField. I just wanted to say thank you to Oliver for your original post and Greg for his fix from Feb — you just saved me a ton of time!

First I would like to say Thanks to Greg and Oliver for making the script and for fixing it for windows.

While running the macro I noticed if there was 2 of the same fields it replaces it instead of making another. For example I want to save the file according to the Name If the Name data field have 2 John when it creates the second John it will overwrite the first one and I am left with only 1 John.

Count — 1. Add Selection. SaveAs ActiveDocument. Next Next i ActiveDocument. Hi jc To use a field for the file name, change line 31 from the macro code to something like this:. I tried this macro and it works. Just to confirm, you have to manually run each document record? I have a few hundred mail merge documents to do.

Can you modify your app, or do you know if an app for mac exists that would allow you to name each record created document based on a field in the excel file?