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Workarounds for the MacBook Air’s Lack of Optical Drive

Warning MacBook disc drives are only compatible with standard mm discs.

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Best CD/DVD Drives for Mac iMore If you've recently upgraded to a new iMac or MacBook Pro, you're probably going to need an optical. With simplicity, this external drive has state-of-the-art technology. You can connect this SuperDrive with your MacBook Pro with Retina display.

The drives are not compatible with miniature discs or discs with irregular shapes. Attempting to use nonstandard discs may damage the drive on your MacBook.

2012 Macbook Pro 13" A1278 DVD Super Drive Replacement

About the Author Andrew Tennyson has been writing about culture, technology, health and a variety of other subjects since Accessed 06 November Tennyson, Andrew. However, if you do not feel comfortable -- or have the time -- to perform the installation yourself, hiring a professional always is a good idea.

Best external cd drives for mac

To ensure full compatibility, it always is best to buy an optical drive and other upgrades from a trusted company with Mac knowledge for the most trouble-free experience. All upgrades are offered with fast, flat rate shipping Australia-wide.

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Read more. Ivkey has unparalleled intelligent burning technology and brand new chip to correct the errors. All NTSC format. Possible high-end inch model. BTW it's great. This does not have a manual release hole because this is designed without a disc tray that can be ej This does not have a manual release hole because this is designed without a disc tray that can be ejected. This non-slip pad prevents your drive from falling off your table or desk.

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Mac Pro Identification Help To replace the primary optical drive or install a second one in the Mac Pro, the process is similar for all systems. Optical Drive Upgrade Instructions Apple provides a PDF with instructions on how to install a second optical drive or replace the primary one in the Mac Pro -- and covers this information in the instruction manuals for each model as well pages for the "Early " line and pages for the "Mid" and "Mid" lines.

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What SSD options are available? When Apple announced new Macs last week , one thing that was notably absent from the new models presented was an optical drive.

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But on Tuesday, Apple dealt a big blow to the music and movie industries. The Mac Pro is unique, as you can actually put a second optical drive in it, but Apple has vowed to release a new pro desktop in and who knows what it's design will be. While removing the optical drive saves space—CDs and DVDs dictate the minimum size of such drives—it also means that owners of these new Macs can no longer rip CDs without a lot of extra work. And while plenty of people buy music via download, there are still a lot of CD sales not to mention built-up collections.