How to highlight itunes songs on mac

How to Select Multiple Songs in iTunes

If I re-enabled one of them, I could no longer edit song info.

How to add multiple songs to a playlist with the sidebar

How to Select Multiple Songs in iTunes. Looking to grab several tracks in iTunes ? It's easier than Hold down Ctrl (PC) or ⌘ Command (Mac). Instead, when I want to quickly add tracks on my Mac, I use keyboard shortcuts to get the In iTunes, select Songs view under the Library tab.

Hope this helps someone. It seems with every new update from iTunes, something new goes wrong.

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So tired of this every time this happens. Now I cannot edit songs or make any changes at all. I have followed all of the above steps, and even tried it all a 2nd time, to no avail. Going to look for new software to use, done with itunes at this point. This is driving me nuts. Thanks for providing the info, Mitch. Sadly, none of this works for me. I followed all of the steps multiple times and also took the advice of commenters. Is it possibly the issue that my music files are on an external hard drive? After searching around in frustration, I found this page and it finally fixed the problem.

I still dislike the new iTunes, though. Early iTunes was so much better. Fix it. I do not let iTunes organize folders as you have no control over the folder layout and quite frankly it makes a mess of things. It is contrary to the way everything else organizes it and if you use other players, the organization it uses does not play nice. In Album view, it works fine. I think just possibly what some people are missing here is a very simple but admittedly easily overlooked thing: namely, that a song or album must actually be downloaded to your computer in order to be allowed to be edited.

Share your favorite iTunes playlists

Hope this helps. Same problem here on Mac book pro. Was able to change the permissions in name only. It says i can read and write now but still am not able to make any changes at all. You guys need to wash your damn dishes and pick up your cloths, because there are tracks floating all over the place. They have drawers to be in, but no, if I want socks, I may as well check under the refrigerator.

Method One – Playlist Based Music Storage

You dig? This issue started happening when I updated, a few days ago, finally after months of receiving alerts to update. Can someone help please? This almost worked for me… but the stupid read-only keeps getting re-checked. Did all the steps for Mac, including each individual artist and folder and still cannot change info.

Oh, actually it did work!

The Read Only option remains, somehow, enabled, tho. I have changed the permission in every folder within the Music folder and including the Music folder, but I still can not change an artist name. Anyone have any other solutions? Thank you so much! This fixed my problem. I thought I corrected all my permissions, but I had missed one higher up in the chain. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Close iTunes and do one of the following based on your operating system. Wait until the attributes are applied to your files.

You may be prompted for credentials for an administrator account. Open iTunes and see if you can modify your music files now. You may have to apply security permissions to the folder as well. Now follow steps 1 through 6 again. Thanks for the information. My iMac and iTunes are now fully functional; again….

This did not work for me. This will instantly create a playlist with the matching name and import all the tracks. Simply drag the folder onto the Crates area of Serato. Congratulations, your playlists are now all converted successfully from iTunes into your DJ software. You can now go ahead and turn off iTunes integration in your software.

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Rekordbox is very similar, head into preferences, under view scroll down to layout and untick untick iTunes. When downloading music in the future you will need to drag it into a folder on the hard drive and then a playlist created in the software. We always recommend taking a back up of this folder before permanently deleting anything as precaution! Not only will we preserve your playlists but we will also keep the iTunes Media folder layout too.

Note however any future music will need to be manually added into the folder to keep your storage neat, iTunes will no longer be used to keep things tidy for you! This means creating new artist and album folders if you want to keep the same structure. We first need to create playlists Rekordbox or Crates Serato that have the same name as our iTunes playlists.

In Rekordbox you can create a playlist by right clicking on the playlists tab. In Serato press the new crate button which is located at the top left of the library view. Now we have identical playlists and crates in our software we need to load them with tracks. This is really simple, from within the DJ software click on the iTunes playlist and highlight all the tracks within.

Then drag them into the playlist or crate inside the DJ software. Do this for every playlist in your iTunes library.

How to Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone

Once renamed, move the folder to a location of your choice, again we recommend your music folder. Now we have moved the iTunes media folder we can turn off iTunes showing in our DJ software. We need to relocate these files, this is a simple process thankfully due to some handy inbuilt relocation tools.

Once opened navigate through to find your recently renamed and relocated media folder. Once complete our playlists will return to working perfectly. Rekordbox will then show all missing files, this will be the tracks from our recently moved iTunes folder. Press relocate in the lower left corner, this will open a finder window and Rekordbox will be asking to locate a particular track. Navigate to that track in the new folder location and select it.

Once you have successfully done this Rekordbox will ask if you wish to use the same path for other files. Click yes and Rekordbox will relocate the rest of the tracks for you. We have successfully moved all our iTunes library away from iTunes and kept our playlists by recreating them in the DJ software. If you wished to, you could import the complete media folder into your DJ software to display every song within your library not just the ones in your playlists.

When downloading music you will need to import them into your DJ library and where you chose to save these files is up to you. You could create new folders for artists and albums such to keep in fitting with the old iTunes system but this might become time consuming.

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Alternatively you may wish to leave them in a downloads folder. Read this article first before you make the switch! Serato users are forced to use external speakers when a controller is plugged in, meaning practicing just with the laptops speakers is impossible.

Stand alone professional DJ mixer carry more inputs and outputs than a regular controller. In this guide, DJ Holland breaks down all the ports so you know exactly how to wire up correctly! You must be logged in to post a comment. Moving music and playlists from iTunes to DJ Software.

As you can see the default setting is to copy media into the iTunes folder.